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Effective Abdominal Exercises dedicated to women

While abdominal exercise movements only work inside helps basis firmer than fat reducing effects . So , if that does not count solely abdominal fat reduction plan , it's hard to get your dream ring 2 . All these things can be found at fat loss factor or venus factor.

To overcome this, Rachel Cosgrove , senior manager personally Results Fitness in Newhall , California , who created the fat burning cardio exercises combined with abdominal muscle training movements . It will help you burn more fat in addition to help round 2 becomes firmer .

Action of 1 : Hip - thight Raise ( Advanced )

To set foot on the ground , put his left leg up, lift hips off the ground about 5 cm (Figure A ) . Tighten stomach and raise your hips so that his left leg from the shoulder to form a straight line (Figure B ) . Hold for 2 seconds before returning to the start state . Doing so 10-15 times on each side .
Action of 2 : Reverse Lunge with single arm press

Hold heavy weights 2 to 7 kg depending on power with his left hand , put on her shoulders , palms facing toward the surface (Figure A ) . Back to the back of the left leg and lower the focus until the knee at an angle of 90 degrees ( left knee is not touching the ground ) while pushing the left hand weights straight up into the sky . Slowly return to prepared positions , doing so 15 times before changing hands . 

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