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Principles of necessity when eating
Actually many people eating one of the bad habits affect health. The best way is that you do not distract yourself: Do not read books, watch TV or do anything else while eating. You should focus on what you eat and take at least 20 minutes for each meal is most appropriate. Watching television while eating can subconsciously make you eat more. This will increase body weight. If you quit reading, watching TV or doing anything else while eating, you can completely control your weight. That is good for your health.
Chewing properly chewed every morsel of food about 30-32 times. But because we can not be calculated accurately so please chew until the food is almost chopped them all. If not chew food properly, it can cause serious health problems such as abdominal bloating or constipation. Eating hastily can not affect you while you are young, but can cause stomach problems later on, when you've got years of age or older. I should anticipate things that are not good for your health.
If you eat when you are stressed or upset, you will tend to eat too much. Unhappy mood, uncertainty of when we're stressed, upset will make us tend to lose feeling and eventually accidentally eat that we do not absorb nutrients and unwanted weight gain .