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Good habits for filling round 1 in order to boost your bust naturally and easily.

In addition to physical training, mobilization, massage and dietary science , learn how to care for 1 from the living habits simple but extremely useful following :

Alternating hot and cold water bath : use warm water from 30 ° C to 27 - bath . When taking bath shower spray directly into the breasts to stimulate blood circulation and dilating the pores then alternate with cold water rinse .

Choose the appropriate bra : please choose the appropriate bra and feels fit , comfortable to wear . Also , let your chest rest , relaxation from 2-3h/ngay by removing bras , especially at bedtime.

No arms crossed over his chest. This is very important to help you have good tips to avoid negative impact on boost your bust program.

Should lie : the best sleeping posture is to lie on your right side , because the term would avoid creating downward pressure on the " twin peaks " make sagging breasts or how we can use boost your bust program properly.

Regular massage test : 10 minutes each day breast massage helps circulate blood vessels just under the skin just in time to help you detect foreign bodies in the chest , especially the fibroid .

Do not bend your back : This position may increase the burden on the lumbar spine , negatively affect blood circulation , and the development of the chest muscles .

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