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Smoking 1 cigarette lose 5.5 minutes to live , what harm smoking ?

Tobacco smoke contains 70 carcinogens . However , all the warnings that current smokers were thuocnhan are the words " Smoking can cause lung cancer ." We can not do anything other than try my best to warn of the harmful effects of tobacco . If you are daily smokers, then you should think about how to quit smoking weed or tobacoo. This is very important to help you learn about how to pass a drug test successfully.


According to research , there are more than half of the respondents said smoking is not a health concern when looking at the current warning . The warning line " can cause lung cancer " or " can cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ," not to mention exactly what the health consequences , addictive nature and risk of morbidity , mortality from use of tobacco products . Who is smoking really less interested in how it can harm , even though they understand that hutthuoc very harmful .

Besides , there is the idea that , in the immediate future should be specified health warning text and images constitute at least 30% of the surface area first, then on all cigarette packs , after 5 years implementation will increase to 50 % . Some experts say this is not enough . Smoking weed or tobacco is not good for your health and your future careers also. According to research, if you want to have a good job, you should have a good health and should know how to pass a drug test before applying for a job. Learn how to quit smoking weed can be the best way to help you how to pass a drug test easiily.


In our country , the number 4 cause of death , the second largest tobacco disease after HIV century ( followed by alcohol and traffic accidents ) . It is estimated more than 100 people per day die from diseases caused by tobacco . These smokers have higher risk of death 2.5 to 10 times .