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Do not Need A Whitening Cosmetics
Today, cosmetic help our sisters and brothers conceal facial flaws, more radiant and confident when stepping out, however, do not use too many cosmetics good for your skin at all, it makes aging the skin more quickly, less dry smooth and lumpy, a bright white smooth skin without cosmetics, you do not want to try?
Avoid the sun:
The first thing you need to remember that the sun is not good for the skin, it causes rapid skin aging, thus limit your skin exposure to direct sunlight if not melasma, freckles and visit your acne, especially at a time from 10 to 2 pm candlelight avoid this out because when ultraviolet rays are most active, which can cause the most harm to the skin, can cause more serious skin cancer.
Shower after participating in outdoor activities
Use a bath of warm water with soap or shower gel, guava and fresh body wash, then flush it with cold water. You can apply a little lotion all over your body, or use cotton towel wrapped a few stones are cooling hot skin skin care here is safe and effective.